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2 Assembly
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5 Insert
6 Insert 1
7 Battery Power
8 Battery Plug
Outlet 350

Boot Dryer Instructions

Carefully open and unpack the box.

Insert air ducts into the dryer housing.

Use a twisting motion to turn the ducts into the housing.

Ducts should seat fully into the dryer housing.

When inserting into boots, be sure the natural bend of the ducts point towards the toes.

For tall boots, insert dryer all the way in.  Make sure the ends of the ducts are not blocked on the bottom or toes of the boots.

Some batteries with power buttons need to be turned on prior to plugging in the dryer.

Plug the dryer into any USB power supply.

Dryers with timers will run for 3 hours, then automatically shut off.  If a second cycle is desired, unplug the dryer for a period of time, turn the battery back on, then plug the dryer back in (see Note 1 below). 

Note 1: Some batteries will not drop to zero volts after the cycle is complete.  If the battery you are using operates in this way, the dryer with timer will need to be unplugged for an extended period of time to drain off this voltage. The quickest way to reset the dryer from this state is to plug it into a wall adapter, with the adapter Not plugged into a wall socket.  This will drain off the stored voltage and reset the dryer.  Best thing to do is unplug the dryer while you are using your gear, then it should be ready to go when you return.

Note 2: The PLA housing will get soft when exposed to temperatures over 100 F.  Do not store in direct sunlight in a hot vehicle.

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