Dryer 3 350

Boot Dryer w/Timer

  • Translucent Black Housing
  • USB Plug with 32" Cord
  • Automatic 3 Hour Timer
  • 12" Flexible Air Ducts

      $39.95 Plus Shipping


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Thank you for your purchase, enjoy your dryer, and tell your friends about this great ski boot dryer and sports gear dryer. The best boot dryer for daily use.

We are currently only shipping to the United States and Canada. Please email for a shipping estimate if you would like to have a boot dryer shipped to another country.

Boot Dryer w/o Timer

Don't need the auto shutoff timer?  Get the same great dryer shown above with no timer.  Plug it in to turn on, unplug to turn off, or plug it into a small USB battery pack, and just let it run until battery is depleted.

    $24.95 Plus Shipping

Dryer Power Pack 350

Boot Dryer with Timer and Complete Power Pack

  • Boot Dryer with Timer (described above)
  • 2 Jackery Bar 6000 mAh Batteries and Charging Cable
  • 110 AC Wall Adapter
  • 12 VDC Auto Adapter

This is a great bundle option, auto and wall adapter, plus two batteries that will get approximately 10-12 cycles per charge, and with two batteries, you can always have one charged and ready to go.

$94.95 Plus Shipping


USB Powered Boot Dryer
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